Jared Leto: Singer, Guitarist, & Songwriter

Jared Joseph Leto was born in December 26 1971! He’s started as an actor then turned musician with 30 Seconds To Mars! He appeared in many film, such as: Fight Club, Girl Interrupted, Panic Room, Alexander, Requiem For A Dream,  Lord of War, Chapter 27 & Mr. Nobody! He’s the lead singer in 30STM & rhythm guitarist! He’s also the main song-writer for the band!

Jared started the band with his brother Shannon in 1998! They began opening for other bands and started their first headlining tour, Forever Night Never Day, in March 2006. In May 2007, the band started touring Europe. In August 2008, Virgin Records filed a $30 million lawsuit against Jared and 30 Seconds to Mars, claiming the band refused to deliver three albums as required by its contract. According to the lawsuit, the band “repudiated” a 1999 contract in July. In late April 2009 the lawsuit with EMI was annulled and 30 Seconds To Mars decided to re-sign with Virgin Records Their third album This Is Warwas released on December 8, 2009, while the first single, “Kings & Queens” premiered Tuesday, October 6, 2009. “This is War” was the second single of the album.

For most shows, Leto uses either one of two custom-made Steve McSwain guitars, a white one called “Pythagorus” or a black one called “Artemis”. The guitars—one a baritone and the other with a 25½” scale length—have the image of a gryphon which he drew for McSwain. Occasionally he plays a white Gibson SG 61′ Reissue as seen in the video for “A Beautiful Lie”. Jared also plays a Gibson Maestro acoustic guitar for acoustic performances. Jared uses Mesa/Boogie amps, more specifically the Triple Rectifier model and matches them with Mesa/Boogie speaker cabinets as well.

Source: Wikipedia


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