Rumor: HurricaneTheFilm Banned

I go to bed, hoping to wake up to see HurricaneTheFilm trending on Twitter (Which happened) and hoping to see smth about the music video! and guess what, I find out the music video has been banned! WHAT THE FUCK? #Echelon went crazy on Twitter! Good thing I have sm great friends from the other part of the world who were awake at that time and they updated me with the news!

Now, HurricaneTheFilm has been banned (rumored) by The Man! Who’s the MAN! God knows, no confirmed news regarding this issue! Jared Leto tweeted “HurricaneTheFilm Has Been Banned” and Tomo said “The Internet remains restriction free”!

1st- If HurricaneTheFilm has been really banned from TV, specially MTV! Then I’d response with that ‘FUCK YOU”! Why havent they banned Gaga’s sexual music videos, man she’s crazy! And how about Rihanna’s clip Te Amo promoting homosexuality?! Many music videos have extreme sexual scenes/contents and still we see them on playing on TV! Now why this clip! Why HurricaneTheFilm? Why 30 Seconds To Mars?!

2nd- If this was a mind game played by Jared & Tomo then Damn You GUYS! I’m not being able to concentrate at work, my life is on Twitter now! Waiting for a confirmation or smth!

The video is supposed to come out today/tonight! Still we haven’t seen anything! I’m hoping this ain’t the truth!


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