Best of Hurricane

Hurricane is the latest music video that has been released by the 30 Seconds To Mars & Directed by non than the genius himself Bartholomew Cubbins (Jared leto)! Now that music video made such noise in the media, being banned, censored, described almost as “porn” when It was a normal video that has sexual content just as any video/movie!

Anyways, there was a tweet by @JaredLeto asking the #Echelon which scene describes Hurricane better? In my Opinion, it’d be the one where the Imam, Priest & Rabbi burning the holy books of the 3 main religions in the world! Burning barriers between nations & dreaming for a world peace! it’s what we always dream of . . . normal people away from politics & religious disputes n arguments!

I don’t know If Mr. Bart Cubbins had that idea on his mind when he shot that scene but from my point view, it meant that n it’s the best that describe Hurricane!


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