30 Seconds To Mars Gig In Abu Dhabi-March 11th 20110

Finally, 30 Seconds To Mars Are Coming To the Region and They’ll be performing on Friday, March 11th 2011 in Yas Hotel!



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119 responses to “30 Seconds To Mars Gig In Abu Dhabi-March 11th 20110

  1. WoW!!!!!!!!!!! *____*
    I should start planin’ ma runaway-from-home plan right now xD

    How much do ya think the tickets cost?

  2. Lexi

    I’m from Germany and will come over just for the gig. Tried many times the ticket website but currently the show is not listed there 😦
    Hope to get a ticket soon to place my booking for flight & hotel …

  3. Lexi

    just bought my ticket (fan fit). Looking 4ward to the show
    and the echelon of UAE

  4. Dinara

    @ Sarahechelon So there are gonna be Golden Tickets? i was afraid they won’t have it

  5. i bought the ticket !!! see u guyz at march 11th 🙂

  6. moody


  7. Dinara

    i got the golden tix too) btw, does anyone know the procedure, i recieved the confirmation of payment through paypal. but what happens after that?i heard, that they r going to send another email, asking u name and t-shirt size…does anyone know something about that?

  8. Dinara

    I was thinking maybe we can create a group on facebook for the concert, and do flashmob or something like that during show?) any thoughts? 😉

  9. Dinara

    cool and Daring)

  10. Dinara

    thats cool, so i’ll be easy to recognize you=))i dunno if im gonna dress up

  11. Are they gonna play at Yas Arena or Flash Forum ?! is there any difference between them?! i mean is there only one stage on Yas Island?! that stage that linkin park played on November 2010 !!
    and i have another question ! i got the regular ticket for Fan Fit ! i got it before they post Golden Tickets :((( is there any chance to meet the band ? how can i take only one photo with band 😦 ?

    • about the place! it will be in FlashForum as mentioned on regular tickets website!

      You cant meet the band and take a photo with if you have fan fit ticket! you must buy GoldenTicket to meet n greet!

      you should hv waited coz GoldenTickets come later after few days n thats what happened!

  12. dinara

    Btw,I thought it will be is yas arena) have anyone been there before?just to have the idea of what the place looks I tried to google it,but didn’t find anything useful(

  13. Mehra

    can i ask you guys a question, when you buy a goldin ticket the 350 one which means you are not gonna watch from stage where do you get to stand exactly in the fan fit

  14. Mehra

    no way Thank you so much sarah =D guess i’ll see you there =)

  15. Mehra

    oh i just remembered one more thing, what time do we need to be there exactly, i mean doors open at 7 but when do we enter exactly?

    • if you’ve got the GoldenTicket then u’re VIP, u’ll be contacted by The Hive through email and they’ll give you all the information you need! but if u hv regular ticket then i guess you’ll hv to be there from 2 or 3 pm tp get in 1st 😀

  16. Dinara

    I sent them an e-mail asking whether it is general admission or fan pit, hopefully they will answer, and i let you guys know for sure=)

  17. Mehra

    do you guys know if they are going to do a theme night like some their other concert eg hurrican, white…etc ?
    oh and are you guys 100% sure that we get the fan pit because all of my friends are going with fan pit ticket and i’m the only one getting the golden package so i need to make sure if i need to buy a ticket to the show…

  18. Lexi

    have the same ticket as pasha. just the fan fit one. staying two nights
    at Yas Hotel (arriving in AbuDhabi at 10th March around 9om). Can
    anyone give me some hints how i can get from Yas Island to Dubai by
    public tansportation???

  19. Dinara

    Guys i’ve just received the confirmation e-mail=)
    Also the answered my email regarding fan-zone or general admission tickets for package 1 and unfortunately it’s a general admission ticket.=(

  20. Mehra

    Really tht sucks are you sure ask them again jsut in case tell them how come we pay 350 dollars to get a normal ticket !!! i’ll have to buy the fron one then

  21. Mehra

    could you please give me the email from which you contacted them

  22. Mehra

    same here cause it doesnt make sense that we pay $350 to be in the same are as those who pay 150 dhms

    • it doesnt make sense at all! i told my friend went down the 1st row! i mean u hv early VIP access, so how come?

      • Dinara

        i dunno guys that’s what they said in the email=(
        maybe they didn’t understand me,i dunno. If anyone else can send them a message,that will be great

    • its impossile ! u paid 350$ and u’ll be on General Admission ?!! no ! dont worry at all ! im sure if u have ur Golden Ticket u’ll be at the 1st row ! and i think if u come around 6 pm u can go in without any prob ! but i have Fan Fit so i guess i should come around 2 or 3 pm !!
      btw i’ll come from Iran ! and Sarah r u sure in Dubai Airport has taxi for abu dhabi ! cause i’ll be stay at Dubai ! and i dont have ticket with bus !

  23. Maria

    you guys i need some one to coma take me from Saudi Arabia
    i can’t believe they r coming to the middle east and im not going i want to run away but im sure its not possible people help me what should i do?
    need help
    GOOOOD they r coming to Abu Dhabi and im not gonna go plz ohh dear lord help me

  24. Mehra

    you guys it is in the fan pit , i have had a converstion of 4 emails asking for every detail until i got the answer i wanted !!!!

  25. hala

    guys i got the fanfit ticket the 300dhs one
    is it considered vip?and will i be close to the stage or far? ❤
    and wut time should i come

  26. Mehra

    Does anyone know how long the meetand greet are and when exactly are they like befre or after the concert, cause tht will also influence what time i have to be there !

  27. Marlene

    do you guys know if there’ll be a theme ? i gotta start planning what to wear ;D x

  28. Jade

    Gah, any idea how to get backstage passes D: IT’S KILLING ME!

  29. Mehra

    you guys they removed the early entry option…which is unfair to all of us since we already bought our tickets expecting that option..please everyone email and complain and tell them to cancel the early entry for other tour dates and not the one in abu dhabi or oman if anyone is going to the one in oman

  30. Mehra

    listen you guys i checked the website again and so far it seems tht the early entry is still on fro bothe omana dn abu dhabi, but it is removed from any concerts after that..so just email and ask wht time is the early entry cause i am going via bus from dubai tht me and my friends rented and i wanna know how early do i need to be like is before the doors open by 2 hours good enough or not

    • honey we still have that option, coz when we bought the ticket it was there and also it was there in the confirmation email! but for the new shows, yes they’ve removed it! still we will have early entry n we will be updated by the hive! if not i will be emailing them everytday 😀

  31. wait a sec ,, 30 stm is coming to oman ?


  32. how is that 😕 , oman ? ,,
    do they listen to rock music ?
    i dont think so ! , if do , maybe few people
    + is there a stage in oman so can 30 stm preform there !

  33. Mehra

    Sarah you are my life saviour wallah man =) hope to see you there =)

  34. Dinara

    Good news))Early Entry IS there again))
    no need to worry,people)

  35. ahmedali

    try going 2 usher in dubai UAE dubai media center usher is going 2 b better than 30seconds 2 mars ?? :LL

  36. Mehra

    Hey if you guys get emailed the info from the hive about the details for early entry then please post it here as well, cause i bought my ticket through my dad so they’re gonna email him and i’m not sure whether he’ll check his mail or not xD

    Thanks x

  37. when the concert may end .. ?

    umm , , it will start at 9 pm ,, maybe end at 11 ?

  38. Mehra

    okay awesome =) and thats pretty reasonable like 2 hours is better than the hour and a half some artists give !!! and we get to meet them after so our show goes a little longer than 2 hours 😉

  39. anarina abramyan

    Hey guys!!!
    OMG, am panicking i had sooo much trouble with getting a freaking credit card then i eventually got one, i bought my golden ticket yesterday morning but i didnt get a confirmtion email today unlike a friend of mine who did!
    am soo scared like what if i dnt get one cause i paid 10 days before the concert, their saying you can just take your paypal receipt and it will all be fine, although am not sure=/

    Anyways im dyinnngggggggg to meet Jared and the band, i finally bought my outfit last night xD
    Guys any idea how many people are we gonna we in the Golden Ticket area? cause when i checked in most of the countries they had minimum 45, i just wish we have maximum 20 =D
    cause i wonna spend more time hugging Jared ❤ =D
    People who did get a confirmation, did they mention wht time we need to be there?
    Thnx all, cnt wait to see u^^

    • hey Anarina,
      Don’t worry you’ll get a confirmation requesting your name & size (for the tshirt) giveaways! they’ll need a copy of ur ID to make sure it’s names matches on the day of the gig! they havent mentioned the time at all! If you don’t get a confirmation email from TheHive, email them!

      as for the number of GTs, i have no idea 😀

  40. Mehra

    oh i still dont know what to wear, do you guys have any ideas ?

  41. about , 30 stm playing in Oman ! , i dont think they gonna confirmed it
    , coz its 3rd of march ,, and if they gonna confirmed it , on 10th of march !
    its a little bet hard to organize the concert , with 7 days left , !!
    whos is with me ?

  42. hey , guys ,, should i draw a triad in my Face .. ?!

  43. Basma Rahman

    Hey it’s a bit too late, but can I get a ticket anyhow? I don’t know much cause I live all the way in Saudi x_x

  44. Mehra

    did anyone get any information regarding the early entry and meet and greet yet ?! cause its in 2 days and i still have no information on them…?!

  45. dinara

    What the hell is goin on?still no message from The Hive((

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